Window Screens

Retractable insect screens are available for most types of windows. Replacing the need for the older, more unsightly fixed and sliding screen systems, the retractable screening system is a more convenient and efficient way to screen window openings.

With a vertical action, the retractable unit has a cassette across the top and two simple guides down either side of the window. The cassette houses a spring loaded roll of mesh or chain driven system for ease and convenience. When the window is shut there is no need for a screen to be visible and it remains retracted within the cassette at the top of the window.

Hopper and awning window screens

Standard hopper or awning windows and gas strut awning windows are now much easier to screen and far neater in appearance with the retractable screen positioned up the top and out of the way. Pushing the window opening out at the bottom you simply draw the screen down when required.

Casement window screens

Casement windows are also very popular today with both the Queenslander-style home and a lot of modern home designs. By simply pushing out the casements window you can draw the screen down onto the sill. Within the side guides are small internal catches that hold the screen down and in place. These screens are then retracted back into their cassette when the window is closed or screens are no longer required.

Bi-fold window and bi-fold servery screens

Bi-fold windows and bi-fold serveries are very popular, mainly because the screen is not always required. With a bi-fold servery you can avoid unsightly tracks across your bench top because the screens are only three sided and we have a special cassette that runs across the top of the screen and the sides contain the closure catches.

School canteen openings are also very popular with these retractable screens. Easy to use and requiring far less cleaning than a full time, fully exposed standard screen, these retractable screens are far more user friendly.

There are operational parameters to all of these products in terms of width and height. When we measure your windows we will suggest options and then make a recommendation as to the most suitable way of screening your particular openings. Colour matching is also important and the objective is to make these systems as unobtrusive as possible.

For several months of the year screens are not necessary and, with a retractable system, your screens can be hidden away when not required.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality range of products and back that up with advice so you can choose the most suitable way to screen your openings. The achilles heel of most retractable insect screen units is windy conditions and we strongly suggest you talk to us about this issue and its likely impacts on any of your openings. Every home is different and our experience can assist in preventing future problems in this regard.

Call us today on 07 3378 5577 and talk to our experienced staff who can discuss our full range of products and can find a solution to meet your needs.