Door Screens

Catering for almost any width of doorway, there are now both single and double horizontal screening systems available. With heights over 3 metres and widths to nearly 8 metres the quality and reliability of retractable systems have improved considerably. In recent years we have seen a pleated screen come to market and this system has several benefits in terms of screening existing openings, especially with tiled and concrete floors. However, the fully retractable screens will support bi-fold and sliding doors, standard single and french doors as well as front doors. There is nothing worse than having an ornate front door covered up with an old fly screen. There are many systems available and not every system out there will be suitable for every opening so you will benefit from our independent advice before proceeding.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors can be screened to heights over 3 metres depending on the system used. Traditional retractable insect screens have single cassette systems which span almost 4 metres in width whilst double cassette systems can span towards 8 metres. Pleated screens are also a consideration, especially on the wider openings and can be used to cover bi-fold openings to 10 metres.

Sliders / Stackable doors

With sliding and stackable doors we usually only screen the actual open section. With no need for a screen over fixed door panels, the retractable screens cover those moving or sliding panels only and again the screens remain retracted when the doors are closed. This means there is no need for unsightly screens covering up your outlook during the many months where screens are not required and the screens are easily bought into use when required.

French doors

If you have French doors, then we also have you covered. There are a couple of variations in the types available for French doors. If your doors are more the main thoroughfare or heavy traffic area, then you need a more durable system with a braking mechanism for easy day to day use by your family, visitors and children. There are very good quality systems available that come supported with up to 10 year warranties.

Other French door openings that are used mainly for breezeways, as opposed to the busy traffic thoroughfares, are easily catered for with a lower cost and more standard variety of retractable screens.

Front doors and single doors

Front doors and single doors can also be screened with a retractable option for convenience and aesthetics so you can still display the features of your front door, not an unsightly screen system. Several options exist depending on traffic flows and our experienced staff will be more than happy to provide you with suitable product recommendations.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality range of products and back that up with advice so you can choose the most suitable way to screen your openings. The achilles heel of most retractable insect screen units is windy conditions and we strongly suggest you talk to us about this issue and its likely impacts on any of your openings. Every home is different and our experience can assist in preventing future problems in this regard.

Call us today on 07 3378 5577 and talk to our experienced staff who can discuss our full range of products and can find a solution to meet your needs.